• Steve Cullen

Risk assessments for video conferencing tools

During lockdown the most frequently asked question for me has been "Is it okay to use Zoom" or another platform for video conferencing. I have responded to say that, in times of emergency, there is less onus on organisations to risk assess as thoroughly as they may usually do but, once things return closer to normality, decisions can be reconsidered in the light of more thorough research. I am pleased to see that a recent ICO blog post:

has essentially said the same thing. Ian Hulme, the Director of Regulatory Assurance at the ICO, stated "In a time of crisis, decisions are often made quickly in order to get the job done. But in the long run, circumstances can change and the risk balance case might look different. There is no reason to remain committed to using a particular tool or service forever just because you used it in an emergency. Re-visit your decision when you eventually have time and resources to do so."

Hopefully this will reassure those of you who have been concerned about whether you are not doing the right thing!

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