• Steve Cullen

New Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner appointed

The Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Office blog has recently announced the appointment of Fraser Sampson to this post from 1st March 2021. These had previously been two separate posts but have been brought together because of the confluence of existing and emerging regulatory issues around police use of automated facial recognition, a type of surveillance camera technology with biometrics capabilities.

Priorities will include:-

  • the National Surveillance Camera Strategy,

  • continuing the third-party certification scheme, seen as best practice and the ‘gold standard’ regarding the operation of surveillance camera systems,

  • the Secure by Default self-certification scheme, and

  • the long-awaited review of the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice, first published in 2013,

I think the last one of those priorities will potentially have the most impact on schools and I will keep my subscribers up-to-date with any outcomes that may have an impact on the operation of CCTV on school sites.

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