• Steve Cullen

Google moves UK data to to the United States following Brexit

Google has announced it will move British users' data from Irish servers to the United States following the completion of Brexit, with data agreements between the EU and UK still to be decided. It means UK users will be faced with the choice of letting their data sit relatively unprotected on US servers or deleting their accounts entirely.

Before your data is moved Google will ask you to agree to new terms and conditions and, if you don't agree, there is no alternative but to delete your account and stop using Google!

It means data will no longer be protected by the terms of GDPR and, because of agreements between the US and UK governments, means British authorities will have more freedom of access to your data than they do currently.

For most individuals, this probably won't stop them using Google but it may make businesses consider carefully if they are prepared to have greater potential access to their data by the authorities.

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