• Steve Cullen

BBC News article on Child Mental Health

I was very pleased to see an article on last night's BBC teatime news bulletin raising awareness of the lack of funding for child mental health.

I was, however, far less pleased to see them zoom in on the back of a child's who had his head down on the desk as they described him as being a pupil in need of intervention. They presumably thought that because it was only a rear view photo nobody could recognise him; well you couldn't from the video clip but they had just interviewed his class teacher so many people will know which school and class and would be easily able to identify him!

Keeping people's personal information private is not just about not directly identifying them, it is about ensuring the information given (including photos or video footage) don't enable identification with other data already in the public domain.

This is a great example of "what not to do" for me to use in future training sessions!

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