• Steve Cullen

GDPR makes an appeanance on University Challenge

One of my little pleasures during the Christmas break is to watch the celebrity Christmas University Challenge series.

In one of the heats Torsten Schmiedeknecht, an academic at the Univeristy of Liverpool and representing Westminster University, interrupted a question on new data privacy laws introduced in 2018 with the answer "GDRP". He was, of course, incorrect and once the whole question was read out by Jeremy Paxman we knew the answer was what does"GDPR" stand for? One of the University of East Anglia team did manage to get the answer "General Data Protection Regulation" correct but it does show that many people still don't know what GDPR is in much detail. Dr Schmiedeknecht is obviously an expert in his field and has a background working across Europe, so it is interesting that even he wasn't sufficiently aware of the regulation!

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