• Steve Cullen

Another succesful training event

On Tuesday I ran a training event in conjunction with Paula Williamson of The Information Law Practice at Wynner House in the city centre.

We decided to run the event as many schools and academies were telling us that the GDPR training available from other providers was far too heavily concerned with the legal side of things, rather than offering "hands on" tips to enable people to stay out of trouble.

Obviously Paula is a legal professional herself but she is very conscious of the need to inform people rather than blind them with legal jargon. To this end we put on a session that informed people of what they need to know about the incoming legislation, whilst focusing on how to comply with the law without stopping doing the "day job"!

Just over 40 people attended and we have received some very positive feedback since the event. As a result of attending several schools have opted to subscribe to my annual subscription service, for which I am grateful.

We are getting ever closer to the actual D-Day that is 25th May so it would be interesting to receive feedback from schools and academies as to whether there is any further desire for another event. If there is sufficient demand we would be happy to run one so let me know, either by completing the contact form on this website or emailing me direct at:

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