• Steve Cullen

Unencrypted data on USB sticks

If you make one business New Year's resolution it should be to take more care when it comes to using USB memory sticks (also known as pen drives or flash drives).

In October 2017 a member of the public found a memory stick in a busy London street and handed it in to the Sunday Mirror newspaper - not sure why but the newspaper reported that its 76 folders contained detailed security data for Heathrow airport, including the Queen's route when she uses the airport!

It is staggering how such important data can be seen as so unimportant it found its way on to an unencrypted memory stick but it did. Unsurprisingly the airport conducted "a very, very urgent" investigation into the breach.

The message must be clear - if you must continue to use memory sticks make absolutely certain they are encrypted. There is no excuse when there is good free software such as VeraCrypt available online to encrypt memory sticks.

Also, remember never plug a memory stick you find lying in the street or on a bus into your PC or laptop. You don't know what is on it... it may be harmless but could just as easily be a virus or other malware.

Staff safe in 2018!

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