• Steve Cullen

A new way to play table tennis: challenge the way you do things!

When I finished working for the council I resolved to start playing table tennis again. When I was a teenager I really enjoyed the sport but, apart from occasional games, it is almost forty years since I played regularly. I have joined an over-50s club and was expecting to get beaten heavily. Instead, before I even played a game, the coach looked at the way I stood at the table and the way I hit the ball, and immediately said "You're doing it all wrong!". Not good for the ego but it is a reminder that we all need to challenge the way we do things and mustn't assume that we are doing things "the right way" or the most efficient way. In a few minutes the table tennis coach taught me a better stance and not to try to hit the ball so hard - a couple of valuable lessons when I put them into practice.

It shows that we all need to challenge the way we do things, especially in a work environment. Do we do things in "the best way" - is is efficient, is it cost-effective, does it produce the results we are striving for? We all need to constantly re-evaluate the way we do things and should not be resistant to change. Sometimes there is no right or wrong way to undertake a task but it makes sense to choose a method that is efficient and as easy as as possible.

I have now started to think about a lot of tasks I carry out and have already changed the way I do several other things as a result.

From a business perspective it can be difficult to know where to start. I offer a service that can help you to take stock of your business processes, whether it be in relation to Information Governance matters, general administrative procedures or or other business processes. Often someone who is not routinely involved with a process can spot things that can be changed, just like my table tennis coach did!

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